Reasons Why Your Dog Is Vomiting

The reason behind a dog vomiting can be in most cases it is causes by gastric irritation to expel something unwanted from the stomach. On the other hand if the vomiting is prolonged and unrelenting you have right to be worried. That might a symptom of a head trauma, toxin exposure, gastrointestinal obstruction or even pancreatic cancer.
It is important for you to know the difference between vomiting and regurgitation. The nausea and vomiting in a dog are most commonly proceeded by drooling and excessive swallow.

Sometimes indigestible  materials get stuck in the stomach and vomiting is the bodies way to empty the stomach from those materials.

If your dog is experiencing severe and unrelenting vomiting you should remove foods out of his reach and if he is in shock, meaning pale skin, abnormal attitude or collapse take him immediately to the vet.

In other cases, when your dog experiences occasional vomiting, do not give him food for 12 hours and meanwhile to help keep his mouth moist get him ice cubes he can lick off every half hour. Than reintroduce bland food after the initial 12 hours have past, and if he shows no signs of vomiting slowly turn his diet back to what he normally eats.

To help with the prevention of a sudden vomiting make sure not to change his diet suddenly, avoid giving him toys that can be swallowed, do not give him bones the chew.

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