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Skin Problems in Dogs And How To Treat Them

Skin Problems are very common in dogs. Irritated skin might be caused by different factors, although at first sight it looks the same. That is why we as their parents have to be prepared and well informed on what is causing it.
skin problems

#1 Parasites like fleas and mites can be very uncomfortable causing itchiness on the skin. First of all you have to get read of the parasite. For example fleas can be seen with the eye while mites need to be looked with a microscope. After finishing with step one you remain with all of the secondary inflammation that has to be treated.

#2 The most common allergy reactions in dogs are caused by fleas, the environment and the food. Symptoms are intense itchiness, ear infections, irritated and red skin. This allergies can be treated with medications, hypoallergenic foods and allergy shots.

#3 Inflamed skin is perfect ground for bacteria to grow. Than antibiotics need to be used in order to make the infection go away. Giving them regular baths helps ease the allergy reaction, also make sure to take them for a regular flea control at the vet.

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