The very first dog cafe opened a couple of days ago in New Delhi, and you have to check it out…

Just a couple of days ago two sisters Mallika and Nayani Tandon opened the very first dog cafe in New Delhi, India. They named the dog cafe Puppychino just because it is a place where everyone can go and have a chill coffee while being surrendered by adorable puppies. The grand opening was April 16th 2016 and it was quite a launch. The two sisters share a great love for dogs, and they have two lovely dogs themselves. They have a female labrador named Bobo, and a male Husky named Simba. In the following pictures you will find out more information about this happy place, and the purpose it was opened for…

In this picture you are seeing Bobo and Simba. If you live in New Delhi or go there for a visit, then don’t forget to go and check out this amazing place. 

dog cafe

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