5 signs that your dog does not feel good

We are sure that nobody wants to see his pet in pain and it is the biggest fear of every dog owner. Whether is a small injury, we want to help them in any way we can. Usually gods show their pain by crying but not in all cases people understand what is happening to them. Dogs are not human so they do not have language like us to speak. In order to help them we have to learn their language. Dogs display their pain in certain actions and behaviors. We are not experts but we can show you 5 symptoms that will help you determine whether or not your little friend is in pain.

#1- Excessive grooming

Naturally dogs lick and groom themselves in order to be clear but it is a problem when licking and grooming becomes an obsessive behavior. When dogs start to lick and groom a certain area of their body that you hadn’t noticed before or has just recently started spending more time there, it could be a sign of pain. Usually dogs groom places that cause them pain in order to clean and care for the wound. Be sure to keep an eye on that area! He might be in pain!

Excessive Grooming

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